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I love books, reading books, and hunting books. I read as many books as I can with three young children. I really like book series.

Ghost of a Promise (Entangled Covet) (Phantoms Trilogy) - Kelly Moran

This book is a perfect mix of romance, mystery, and drama. I loved everything about this book. I related to Ava and adored Jackson. The story of the house and the ghost just add to the wonderful complex love/hate relationship between Ava and Jackson. The rest of the Phantoms crew just add the details that make the story that much better. So Ava has to find out what happened to Sarah Kerrick. Sarah disappeared 1776. Ava calls in a group of paranormal investigators from the show Phantoms. As the investigation turns up a few details about the ghosts in the house and the weird connection between Ava and Jackson, the ghost start hurting the Phantoms crew. This book is great ride with just enough fear and excitement to hook any reader.


Some Fine Day by Kat Ross

Some Fine Day - Kat Ross

I got this book free for an honest review. First, I want to say that I love books that completely take me where I have never gone before. I love when a book blows the box apart and rearranges the very concept of life. This book is a wonderful read.

Recap of the book. So in the future, the earth's surface is full of these storms called Hypercanes. So people are avoiding the earth's surface by living underground. It is believed by the people living underground that no one survived the Hypercanes and those that were not allowed to move underground are dead.

Janis is a 16 year old girl, who has been living at a military school since she was 8 years old. She has a boyfriend named Jake, who goes to the same military schools she does. Jan and Jake are about to graduate. Jan's parents decide to take Jan and Jake with them to go the earth's surface on vacation. While on vacation Jan finds herself being kidnapped by a group of survivors. She has to earn her way, shelter, and food. She knows her father, the General, will come looking for her and will not stop until she is found. As she gets to know and understand this group of survivors, she finds friendship and family like she has never had. Will, the group’s medic, really finds a way to get to her. After being with this group for several months, she is rescued. The problem is that Jan does not want to be rescued. Jake and her father kill everyone. The anger and hatred Jan feels is overwhelming. After returning to school Jan's life seems to have a new purpose. The rest of the story is a wonderful twist of half-truths and concepts completely out there.

I love every part of this story. I easily related to Jan, Jake and Will. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

Into the Fire

Into the Fire - Jodi McIsaac I love this story. I loved the first book. As a mother the story just caught me. This is the 2nd book in a series. I know that I will not like the 2nd book as much as the first but still I am a little disappointed. I really wanted more. It was still a good book just not a five star book. It is still good enough that I am going to read the next book. The story in this one just went a little too far with the impossible.

Through the Door

Through the Door - Jodi McIsaac I loved this book. I was hooked by page 20 and crying by page 60. I do not cry over books. I have cried only a few (3) time because of books. Jodi McIsaac got me emotional involved in this book from the first page. I related to Cedar. She is this wonderful mother doing the best she can for her daughter. The rest of the story has wowed me. I was moved to tears of fear, sadness, and happiness almost right after another. Wonderful book to read! I am off to read The Thin Veil #2.

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga OMG ... after watching the tv series first, the twist at the end of this books is great! I just have so many questions now. why? That is the biggest question. I love this book. I cannot wait to read the next book.

The Hallowed Ones

The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle I really liked this book. I am looking forward to reading the next one. I usually did not like scary books but this one was only a little scary and had all the drama that I like. Just enough love story too!

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson - Patricia Briggs I just love anything written by Patricia Briggs. I enjoy reading all of her short stories and getting more insight into all the characters. I had already read "Alpha and Omega" but I love that story so much I read it again. I never get tired of Anna and Charles.

Don't Make Me Beautiful

Don't Make Me Beautiful - Elle Casey This book made me cry and laugh all at the same time. The saddest part of this book is the domestic violence. Nicole is so beaten by her boyfriend for so long that it destroys her face. Her face has so many broken bones that have healed without doctor’s care that it has disfigured her. Her world changes when a young boy hits his father’s baseball through her front window. She does not want to even tell her boyfriend because he will beat her and blame it all on her. The boy, Liam, and his father, Brian, try to do the right thing and go to Nicole’s house to offer to repair the window. Brian and Liam have a discussion with John, Nicole’s boyfriend. Something about the way that John talks about his wife (Nicole) bothers Brian. Brian goes the next day and finds Nicole beaten almost to death by John. Brian saves her and talks her into staying with him. Brian and Nicole fall in love. It is a great story with one big twist that will have you crying until the end. Some people might have a hard time understanding that Nicole does not want to be beautiful after everything that she has been through. I completely understand. Why go back to the way things were when there is a small chance that she will be abused again.

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Brightest Kind of Darkness

Brightest Kind of Darkness - P.T. Michelle, Patrice Michelle I really enjoyed reading this book. I am going to read the rest of the series. The idea of playing with Fate has always intrigued me. Nara Collins is a 16 year old girl that dreams about her whole day the night before it happens. She usually does not act on her dreams too much. She might avoid certain people or situation that would hurt her. The one time she acts without even thinking about it cause the balance of everything to be off. She called in a threat of a bomb at her school. The next day she meets a guy, Ethan Harris. After touching Ethan, Nara does not dream the future anymore. Ethan somehow steals her dreams. I wonder if I would change the future if I knew what was going to happen. If I did change the future would I be willing pay the price for changing it? As a mother I would do anything for my children. So yes, I would change the future and fight fate for them. The question is would I do it for people I did not know. I don’t know. This book was a wonderful story that kept me reading until the end even if I read until early this morning.

Wizard's Mate (Fantasy Paranormal Romance)

Wizard's Mate (Fantasy Paranormal Romance) - Michele Bardsley I picked this book because I needed a short read. I don’t read books that are less than 100 pages. I don’t enjoy short books. I want more from a book. I want to know more details, more development of the plot, and more of the whole story. I love books about wizards and dragons. This is a very short story at 50 pages. Alissa is rescued by a Wizard, True Karn. Alissa is a young woman who works as an accountant for a brothel. In a total of three days Alissa falls in love with True. There is a lot of sex in this book for it only being 50 pages. This is a very adult book. I did enjoy this very short book.


Paradox - David Steece I don’t know how to review this book. I loved the story or stories behind the book. Blackie the gangster, cop, and family man all rolled into one person with a whole lot of messed up. I met David Steece at a book signing. We had a wonderful conversation about his life and children. He was a very nice man to talk to. The book paints a very different picture of a man struggling to raise five daughters, using women as needed, and not sure what side of the law he wants to be on. I had a hard time following what was going on in the main story with all of the flashbacks. It took me longer than expected to read this book because I found myself getting lost. I would have to go back several pages just to figure out what the main story was. With all that said, I really did like all the flashbacks. My favorite flashback was about his daughter and vacuuming the water out of the bathtub. This book was funny, entertaining, and a good book. I as a mother and a woman had issues with the treatment of women in this book but what did I expect from a gangster?
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

As a mother this book torn at my heart. I loved and hated this book all at the same time. The story is about Hazel Lancaster. Hazel a 16 year old with thyroid cancer with mets in her lungs. Her mother believes her daughter is depressed and needs to go to local support group for children that have cancer. The idea that these children are described and identified by the type and location of their cancer really bothered me. It is explained in the book that depending on the stage and the likelihood of survival of the cancer some parents remove their children from school. The easiest way according the Hazel to determine how sick someone is based on if they go to school and how long they have been out of school. In Hazel’s case she has been out of school for three years. So at Support Group you meet Isaac and Augustus Waters. Isaac is going to have surgery which will leave me blind. Augustus has   osteosarcoma which as claimed part of his leg. Here is the love/hate part of the book. I really am happy that Hazel and Augustus fall in love on their trip to see Peter Van Houten in Amsterdam. So my issues. One, I hate to say it but Hazel is so selfish in almost expecting Augustus to give up his wish so she can go to Amsterdam. Then Peter Van Houten is a jerk to them but they fall in love with each other anyway. Second, how can you be happy for them? You know the ending. Someone is going to dying leaving the other heartbroken. Then on the other hand you want your child to find love before they die. Anyways, so twist here is that Augustus dies. Finally, the kicker for me is that the book leaves you hanging about Hazel just like the book in the book.

Teardrop (Teardrop Trilogy) - Lauren Kate

I enjoyed this book. I love the idea that a young woman can cry an entire continent into the sea. The tears of Eureka Boudreaux can do so much damage that seedbearers demand her death before fate can play out what could happen. The story starts from Ander’s point of view as he has to watch his aunt and uncles kill Eureka. Ander has watched her from the day she was born and has fallen in love with her. Ander’s family try to kill Eureka but Ander saves her. Sadly, Ander cannot save her mother. She is killed by the wave that hits the bridge. After her mother’s death, Eureka is forced to stay with her father and step mother. Eureka has a difficult time dealing with her mother’s death and tried to commit suicide. Eureka’s mother leaves her a secret message through the items that she has left for Eureka. Eureka does not even cry at her mother’s funeral. She has been told from a very young age that she must never cry. The only other time that she has cried was when her parents were fighting. Her tears caused a hurricane. This book is full of twists and turns that leads to the death of a friend or three. Brooks, Eureka’s best friend, is being controlled by the Atlantenas. One young girl’s broken heart makes Atlantis disappear into the sea and another girl’s tears bring Atlantis back. Eureka does cry and brings Atlantis back. The questions that goes through my head while reading this book is “Would you kill someone for something that they might do?” If Eureka can bring about the end of the world then do the seedbearers have a right to kill her? She does not even know she can bring Atlantis back. What would you do to protect your family?

The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost

I love love love this book. A broken Destiny is going to the top of my series must reads. Jeaniene Frost has been a favorite author of mine since reading her Night Huntress series. I was worried that this series would be like the Night Huntress series, which I love. I am just not in the mood to read about another vampire right now. I wanted something else and Jeaniene Frost delivered. This book is about demons, angels, a Davidian, and a Judian.

Ivy’s sister goes missing and her parents die looking for her sister all within ten days. Okay, Ivy is not the brightest because she goes right along after her parents and looks for her sister. Ivy is kidnapped by a hot guy. My favorite part of this books is the different appearances that Ivy is forced to become in order to search the demon realms for David’s slingshot. Zach, an angel, has to change Ivy’s looks to protect her. The funny part is that Zach does not always tell Ivy what he makes her look like. Of course no one tells her what she looks like before she does something crazy like walk into a women’s bathroom with lipstick on even though she looks like an old grandpa. This book is filled with craziness that makes you laugh and cry from the start to the end.


Hidden - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Please end soon...and please let them stay dead. Does everyone have to come back to life? Also how many guys can Z love at once?


Destined - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast this series was bad to start with. this book pushed it to beyond bad. why? can anyone stay dead in this series?

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