The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost

I love love love this book. A broken Destiny is going to the top of my series must reads. Jeaniene Frost has been a favorite author of mine since reading her Night Huntress series. I was worried that this series would be like the Night Huntress series, which I love. I am just not in the mood to read about another vampire right now. I wanted something else and Jeaniene Frost delivered. This book is about demons, angels, a Davidian, and a Judian.

Ivy’s sister goes missing and her parents die looking for her sister all within ten days. Okay, Ivy is not the brightest because she goes right along after her parents and looks for her sister. Ivy is kidnapped by a hot guy. My favorite part of this books is the different appearances that Ivy is forced to become in order to search the demon realms for David’s slingshot. Zach, an angel, has to change Ivy’s looks to protect her. The funny part is that Zach does not always tell Ivy what he makes her look like. Of course no one tells her what she looks like before she does something crazy like walk into a women’s bathroom with lipstick on even though she looks like an old grandpa. This book is filled with craziness that makes you laugh and cry from the start to the end.