The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

As a mother this book torn at my heart. I loved and hated this book all at the same time. The story is about Hazel Lancaster. Hazel a 16 year old with thyroid cancer with mets in her lungs. Her mother believes her daughter is depressed and needs to go to local support group for children that have cancer. The idea that these children are described and identified by the type and location of their cancer really bothered me. It is explained in the book that depending on the stage and the likelihood of survival of the cancer some parents remove their children from school. The easiest way according the Hazel to determine how sick someone is based on if they go to school and how long they have been out of school. In Hazel’s case she has been out of school for three years. So at Support Group you meet Isaac and Augustus Waters. Isaac is going to have surgery which will leave me blind. Augustus has   osteosarcoma which as claimed part of his leg. Here is the love/hate part of the book. I really am happy that Hazel and Augustus fall in love on their trip to see Peter Van Houten in Amsterdam. So my issues. One, I hate to say it but Hazel is so selfish in almost expecting Augustus to give up his wish so she can go to Amsterdam. Then Peter Van Houten is a jerk to them but they fall in love with each other anyway. Second, how can you be happy for them? You know the ending. Someone is going to dying leaving the other heartbroken. Then on the other hand you want your child to find love before they die. Anyways, so twist here is that Augustus dies. Finally, the kicker for me is that the book leaves you hanging about Hazel just like the book in the book.