Teardrop (Teardrop Trilogy) - Lauren Kate

I enjoyed this book. I love the idea that a young woman can cry an entire continent into the sea. The tears of Eureka Boudreaux can do so much damage that seedbearers demand her death before fate can play out what could happen. The story starts from Ander’s point of view as he has to watch his aunt and uncles kill Eureka. Ander has watched her from the day she was born and has fallen in love with her. Ander’s family try to kill Eureka but Ander saves her. Sadly, Ander cannot save her mother. She is killed by the wave that hits the bridge. After her mother’s death, Eureka is forced to stay with her father and step mother. Eureka has a difficult time dealing with her mother’s death and tried to commit suicide. Eureka’s mother leaves her a secret message through the items that she has left for Eureka. Eureka does not even cry at her mother’s funeral. She has been told from a very young age that she must never cry. The only other time that she has cried was when her parents were fighting. Her tears caused a hurricane. This book is full of twists and turns that leads to the death of a friend or three. Brooks, Eureka’s best friend, is being controlled by the Atlantenas. One young girl’s broken heart makes Atlantis disappear into the sea and another girl’s tears bring Atlantis back. Eureka does cry and brings Atlantis back. The questions that goes through my head while reading this book is “Would you kill someone for something that they might do?” If Eureka can bring about the end of the world then do the seedbearers have a right to kill her? She does not even know she can bring Atlantis back. What would you do to protect your family?